This is Ian Alexander Nicholson and I reside in beautiful Scotland. This is my digital window where I bring together my product, philosophies, prose and photography, into one online sphere of creativity. While my work lies primarily in fine product design, I am also a photographer, writer, poet, sculptor, teacher, workshop facilitator and activist for responsibility and ethical development in, not just my industry, but all areas of life.

The most wonderful thing about creation is the journey, everything between conception and conclusion. And while we are all conscious individuals, not enough of us are actually conscious of our consciousness. Consequently too few of us ever fully understand or appreciate this, often to concerned with the destination. Few people question this and most just accept without thinking, less in turn learn how to think freely, while even less then understand how to think outside the box and, sadly, such a tiny minority ever realise that in fact, there is no box and we are limited only by our imagination, which, is beautifully unlimited. Every corner of life holds this infinite potential to inspire and while it takes a certain open and creative mind to understand this, the simplest of ideas can become the greatest of  works.

After seeing a journey through from creation to completion, I revel in looking elsewhere for my next inspiring adventure. Any interest in my work can be tailored towards your specific desires to make it a unique piece for you and you alone. Should you find anything here that is of interest, you can contact me through the prod heading, as you wont find my work for sale anywhere else.

Silver barbwire concept with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires set in the barb tips
Where courage is an accumulation of small steps, success is an accumulation of courageous ones. For with persistent will and stubborn determination there is no step too small - Persevere.
— i.a.n.