Barbed wire jewellery is somewhat clichéd, it's been done a thousand plus times, but never had I seen stones set in the tips of the barbs which was my adaptation of the dangerous barrier that was the invention of barb wire. To wear it on the vulnerable areas of the body emphasises the uncomfortable juxtaposition of it being body adornment and jewellery. This project was therefore an experiment to inject colour and elegance into something  that is otherwise aggressive and violent.

You are limited only by your imagination . . .

Make it yours, make it different and own the piece. Use your imagination within my own creation with your own preferences. Decide on the kind of stones you want, or none at all, the metals used, have it plated, do what ever you want, but use your imagination. A simple silver barbed wire ring, without stones, hallmarked, will start at £50. Depending on the stones and metals, a silver set will go for around £1000 and for those who want to splash the cash, an 18ct white gold set with the best quality gem stones would be around £15,000.

Email me for your own tailored piece(s) through the contact heading.