It’s in our hands, a year on – Edinburgh’s first ethical jewellery symposium

It’s in our hands, a year on – Edinburgh’s first ethical jewellery symposium

Last year Dundee hosted the initial symposium that got my responsible journey ignited. It was there that talking with Mary Michel from the Incorporation of Goldsmiths that we agreed (amongst many other important issues) we needed to bring this event to the capitol city of Edinburgh. Wheels started turning and after finding a date that would work for the same speakers, Greg Valerio and Ute Decker, Mary and I decided to co-host the event in the Out of the Blue Drill Hall where the PMW is located. A perfect venue for up to 250 interested jewellers to attend.

I was to present my project “Going for Gold” at it alongside several other speakers, in the two-day event. It was a significant day where at the beginning the Scottish collages and Uni’s gathered and signed a pledge to introduce responsible sourcing, or ethical making, into the jewellery curriculums.


The Incorporation of Goldsmiths also launched their ethical making resource guide a the event which is a brilliant platform for any maker to work from in their own responsible journey.

A great two days ensued with enthusiastic makers all keen to get involved in the responsible movement and find out more about how to get involved. I had to really cut down on what my talk was about as I had only 20 mins to talk and after my initial run through I was closer to 40 mins! Some attendees even flew in from Europe and came up from England so we had international interest about the symposium. My own talk went well (I think, I don’t remember it) and I was happy with how the attendance and organisation of it went. The proof will be in the pudding however and it will be interesting to find out how many new applicants have signed up to FM&T since then.

We will put up on YouTube the edited speeches when they are ready, in the meantime my project continues and am off to Uganda in the next few days to visit pre-certification developing mines in Busia. These mines and communities are being helped by the Dragonfly Initiative and The Impact Facility to bring in the necessary equipment to have a safer line of production and start their own journey towards achieving certification.