Chess is stooped in ancient ideology and throughout time been favoured intimately in the arts. Practically where it falls down as a game is that it either gathers dust on a shelf or takes up too much room as an ornament in the room. These sets are wall mounted with magnets in the silver pieces so it can be appreciated not only as a piece of art and sculpture on the wall, as you would a painting, but remains interactive and playable too.

For the arts appreciator who doesn't know how to play, the moves of the individual players are depicted in the heads of the pieces for reference. The opposing teams have been stripped of their colours and form and simplified to height and shape to differentiate. Traditionally the queens and kings face their own sex and the queen to the left of the king starts (white) however, tradition is not my best friend and my new designs will provoke a negative response from the traditionalist but be warmly received by others. Chess - Monarch, is my adaptation of this great game, bringing it into the modern day, not by changing the rules of the game as that would be criminal and who would dare be arrogant as to think they could better this greatest of games?! No, but by devoiding the game of its  archaic role of the king being the monarch and allowing the queen to rule as well breaks the shackles of the sexes with a man at the top of the hierarchy. All I am doing is placing a crown to sit on the head of the chosen monarch, man or woman, let the players decide. Hell, why not even 2 women or men ruling together? I mean, come on world, catch up! I have not changed the rules of engagement, the game is untouched in its infinite glory,

Chess - Monarch, is simplifying and updating the old fashioned. As with everything I do, everything I present and make, it's their for the worlds adaptation. This is my idea, make it yours, change the metals, shapes, use gemstones, use your imagination to make it bespoke if you want me to make you one.

The smallest sets start at £500. The most expensive? Hah, how rich and imaginative are you . . . ?