Hello and thanks for visiting this page. Let me tell you why it's here. . .

We tend to live now in an 'instant' world where our time spans are shortened, demands upon us are greater and we surf high speed social media highways at the touch of a finger to a screen. With all these technological advances I am aware and witness many people who's own natural pace in life often ends up struggling to keep up. This can have  serious negative impacts on us as individuals and we end up hiding many issues inside that we would be better off if we acknowledged and dealt with. As someone who has opted to work for themselves, people often, out of care, ask if I'm busy. I find this question frustrating because as someone who has chosen to work for themselves, busyness is not what defines my level of success, for there are ALWAYS more things to do than there is time to them. For me it's a question of energy, of motivation. As that is what defines my productivity which in turn leads to me operating successfully.

I have had a chronic anxiety disorder for over ten years. I hide it well, most people not only would never know if I were having an episode but consequently those who do know me might even not believe this to be true. It is often the things that go unseen that are hardest for others to understand, for seeing is believing and we live in an out of sight out of mind world.

I have recently had the opportunity to work with an inspiring individual who, between the two of us, has helped me to devise a way to maintain energy levels that have kept me focused and motivated. We are in the process of putting our "Golden Method" map into a format that we are going to give to people who would like to see if it can do the same for them. Please feel free to email me about it and when we have it ready it will be free for anyone who wants to give it a try.

In the mean time, the memes below are images and text that have helped inspire me, motivated me, made me laugh, helped me relate to feelings and generally contributed to a positiveness within that has been another brick of empowerment in my own building of self. I hope they might do the same for you.